All you need to know about Parenting!

Parenting is not what we see our parents do. It is a lot different from what we know. Only some families function well, and it sometimes conveys the wrong message to the young generation. Children from dysfunctional families often mimic their parent’s behavior and can also impose their insecurities on them. Parenting can go wrong for several reasons, and here are something to be aware of before you plan to conceive a child.

Vital Facets To Consider About Parenting

Giving birth to a child doesn’t make you a parent, but what you plan to do and how you develop as a parent does. Sometimes we think parenting can be taught to us by our parents, and we seek answers from our elders. Elders can be a great help sometimes, but not for your child.

The concept of parenting changes as the world enhances itself. The thing taught in the 90s is irrelevant to the current generation. And if imposing such parochial conventions makes them caged and anxious and creates tension between you and your child, then you might be the guilty one. Some things to consider being a parent is

  • Understanding the child
  • Reaching their basic requirements; emotional, physical, and mental
  • A child is an independent self and may not mimic like or their parents
  • Studying child psychology.

These factors are often neglected and can be heinous to a child’s mental growth. A child often acts like their environment. If you witness a child being kind to a person, it reflects their parents’ overall behavior around him, and if the child uses abusive words or bullies, others may reflect what he is treated like at home. This is important that you don’t discuss complicated family issues and matters in front of your child.


How To Build Up Good Behaviors In A Child?

Building good behaviors includes encouraging them when they are kind, helpful, and generous to others. Also, it is crucial to understand that you should not impose something alien to them.

Engage them in household work that often helps in encouraging helping behavior in a child. Doing household work also teaches teamwork and builds a sense of responsibility towards his environment.

Encourage his good deeds. It makes them happy that they want to repeat the same things to others, which can eventually get into their habits.

Do not forgive their wrong deeds just because they are small and are allowed to be mischievous sometimes. Children are prone to make billions of mistakes but making them understand what they did, and the consequences can help them act more responsibly.

Scolding and shouting may sound easy to shut the child at the moment. But this momentary act can become a nuisance as they grow up. A parent needs to understand that it is necessary to communicate the problems to their child. Unnecessary anger and shouting can shut them up emotionally.

Bottom Line

Parenting still has many things to learn and unlearn certain things. Children are tiny humans and also need to treat like one. They are not just cute, sweet things to play around with.

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