Guide to Set & Change a Default Card for Apple Pay on Apple Devices

Apple Pay gives you a suitable way to make purchases on iPhone and Apple Watch when you are traveling without requiring a physical debit or credit card. You can add many virtual cards in your Apple Pay. The first card you add in it will be your default one. You can easily change the default card also.

Steps to Set & Change the Default Card on iPhone/iPad:

Following are the steps to change your default Apple Pay card on your iPhone/iPad :

  1. Launch the “Setting app” on your iPhone.
  2. Press “Wallet & Apple Pay”.
  3. Press “Default Card” within Transaction Defaults.
  4. Choose a new card which is going to be your default card one.
  5. You can modify your default payment method also in the iOS Wallet by below steps:
  • Launch the “Wallet app” on your iPhone.
  • Tap the card and do not release until it starts hovering. After that, drag the card at the front of the remaining other cards.

Steps to Set & Change the Default Card on Apple Watch:

For changing the default payment method through Apple Pay on Apple Watch, followings are the steps:

  1. Launch the “Apple Watch app” engaged with Apple Watch in your iPhone.
  2. Down the Scroll Bar and press “Wallet & Apple Pay”.
  3. Press “Default Card” with Transaction Defaults.
  4. Choose your card.

Text on your mobile will confirm the modification. Now, you don’t need to be stressed for purchasing any item and you can do so without the use of physical cards.

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