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PECO Is Not The Only Electric Supplier In The Area

When Philadelphians think of their electric provider, they usually think of PECO. What they may not realize is that there are many other electric companies in the region that provide electricity to businesses and homes. The market is not regulated and consumers have the option of choosing who supplies their electricity and at what cost.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, based in Harrisburg, issues licensing to the state’s power providers and employs rate and service auditors, analysts safety inspectors, auditors and enforcement investigators. It also provides a free online portal called PA Power Switch that provides information and resources for residents on the various electricity buying options, tips on how to save money, and how to read your bills.

PA Power Switch will help you find the right supplier for your electrical needs at the most affordable price. It’s easy to use and offers details on the various providers in your area, as well as their perks and services.

It also outlines your rights as an Pennsylvania consumer, helping you make the right decision about your business or home.

PECO serves customers in Philadelphia and its suburbs, offering gas and electric service to more than a million customers throughout the state. It has 1,067 miles and 15,260 miles of distribution cables underground, which offer reliable energy services to residents living in the area.

The company takes the task of delivering power seriously, investing billions of dollars in capital improvements that will improve its reliability in the system and ensure that everyone has access electricity. It has set new records in having lower outages and continues to work towards improving its reliability on the deregulated market.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry recently honored PECO for its work in providing safe and reliable power delivery to their customers. PECO is also well-known for its leadership in energy sustainability and setting environmental benchmarks for all customers and suppliers.

Nordic Energy is a retail peco energy provider that offers plans that provide low rates for electric and natural gas. Customer service representatives are available around all hours to answer any questions you might have and assist you in selecting the best plan for you.

It’s an excellent idea to find your electricity supplier before the summer begins However, don’t be frightened to do your homework. The more you know about the various companies, the more likely you will be to select the right plan for your family or business.

Electric experts recommend that consumers look for a fixed-rate plan to lock in lower rates and save on their monthly electric bills. They also recommend it’s a good idea to get an itemized bill, which is a separate PECO service and supply portion of your bill.

There are a number of additional advantages to shopping for an alternative electricity provider however, it’s essential to research and read the fine print before changing providers. It’s easy to spend an enormous amount of money switching providers, so it’s crucial to estimate your savings and expenses prior to you sign to a new supplier

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