Top 5 aha OTT Tamil movies list

Are you planning on taking an aha subscription? If yes, it is the best choice, as you are about to gain access to a world of Tamil movies collection. And  aha, one of the top OTT platforms, is a one-stop solution for watching Tamil movies online. So, whether you prefer old Tamil super hit movies or new trending ones, aha would make the perfect companion.

If you are looking for the best movies in aha after taking the subscription, try watching Udanpaal, Driver Jamuna, Sardar, Trigger, and Diary. These are a few of the popular Tamil movies currently streaming on aha. Apart from these, you can find a massive collection of Tamil movies in aha, which allows you to watch a new movie every other day.

Top Tamil movies currently streaming in aha OTT.

1.    Udanpaal

Udanpaal is a comedy family drama with a unique story having lots of suspense and more fun than you would expect. The story revolves around Vinayakam’s family – his children Paraman and Kanmani. Paraman and his sister Kanmani are in dire financial straits. When the family hears the news of Vinayakam’s death and the compensation provided by the government, they get greedy even at that grief-stricken time. The movie continues with some fun twists that would keep the viewers interested.

2.    Driver Jamuna

Driver Jamuna is a crime thriller with most of the story revolving around a cab, which some goons take control of. Jamuna is a dedicated cab driver who took over this profession without her mother’s willingness. She unwittingly picks up a group of goons who later threatens her to drive the car to certain places. Will Jamuna be able to escape from those goons? What happens next in Driver Jamuna? To find answers to these questions, watch this new Tamil movie streaming on aha with a subscription.

3.    Sardar

The spy action film Sardar stars the famous Tamil film star Karthi in a dual role as a spy agent Sardar and his son, police inspector Vijay Parkash. In the present story, Vijay investigates a shut murder case, leading him to a problem related to national threats. The investigation also helps him discover more about his long-lost father (Sardar), who is falsely accused of being a national traitor. Sardar film involves the present and the past story of Sardar, which shows how he ended up as a national traitor. Even though Vijay initially hated his father’s acts, he came along with Sardar to save the country from a bigger threat.

Sardar movie review: Karthi shines as an action star in this spy thriller -  Hindustan Times

4.    Trigger

The Trigger is a complete action film that revolves around an internal affairs agent, Prabhakaran, who is an ex-cop. Being an internal affairs undercover agent, Prabhakaran comes across a group of child trafficking mobsters. When he learns about their activities, he digs deep into them to save all the children captured by the traffickers. But his actions in finding the villain gang lead his family into trouble. The film continues with him fighting for justice to eliminate all child traffickers.

5.    Diary

The Diary is a unique horror thriller film with much suspense and mysteries that will surely exceed your expectation. The story starts with the intro of a sub-inspector trainee Varadhan, who lays their hand on a 16-year-old unsolved case. So he sets out to investigate the case, wherein a bus with some passengers went missing. But fate and destiny offer him something more – supernatural. While he is unraveling the mystery, some strange incident occurs, which helps him solve the case and find certain culprits. So do you like this excellent movie in the genres of crime thriller, horror thriller, mystery, and supernatural? If yes, visit the leading streaming platform, aha Tamil, to watch it.

Watch excellent Tamil movies of all genres in aha OTT.

Aha is one of the top OTT platforms with a unique collection of Tamil movies of all genres. All the movies in aha are sorted out into numerous sections, so it would be easy for you to find a suitable one. At present, you can find different aha movies sections like romance, action, crime & thriller, new releases, comedy, super hit movies, top 10 on aha, etc. Apart from that, there are movie sections for popular Tamil film stars like Vijay hits, Rajinikanth hits, Kamal Haasan hits, etc. So if you have a great passion for watching all the best Tamil movies, aha stands as the top choice for an online streaming platform.

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