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What Wagyu Beef Can Do for Your Health

If you’re new to Wagyu beef, you might be tempted to think, “That can’t be healthy.” It can—and it is! You’ll enjoy the superior taste and unique health benefits when you purchase a good Wagyu roast and the best way to reheat steak. There’s no catch here: Wagyu beef is healthy food packed with monounsaturated fatty acids. It’s more than just fats. It’s not just bad fats, or if something tastes amazing, there’s gotta be a catch. No matter what day of the week it is, it makes for a decadent dinner.

Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals

Among our bodies’ most essential building blocks is protein, which is found in eggs, nuts, legumes—and meat. While Wagyu beef isn’t only fat and the best way to reheat steak, it’s very high in protein. It’s a delicious way to get that protein in your diet. It is common for people to fear too much red meat in their diet, but Wagyu beef offers so many benefits that it is well worth it. Besides iron, Wagyu beef is packed with many vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy diet.

You can boost your vitamin intake by eating a Wagyu roast from Lone Mountain Wagyu if you are sluggish due to an iron deficiency. Most Wagyu beef producers agree that extra minerals are essential to raising healthy cattle. Rather than forcing rapid weight gain on our cattle, we feed them a balanced grain blend slowly and incrementally at Lone Mountain Wagyu. Keeping our cattle healthy and happy leads to healthy meat, and the health of the consumer is influenced by the cow’s health.

The right amount of fat

A person’s cholesterol level depends directly on the number of saturated fats in their diet. Wagyu beef contains many monounsaturated fats, easily digested by your body. Wagyu beef has a higher ratio of unsaturated fats to saturated fats than almost any other meat. These monounsaturated fats also lower the amount of low-density lipoproteins in your system.

wagyu beef wholesale

The LDLs transport cholesterol throughout your body, often dumping it on the walls of your arteries. Blockages in your arteries can often cause heart disease and cardiac events. The HDLs carry the cholesterol to your liver, which then metabolizes and eliminates it. As Wagyu beef increases your HDL levels, it lowers your risk of heart disease.

MUFAs, those monounsaturated fatty acids, are found in higher concentrations in 100% Wagyu beef than in any other meat in the country because of its uniquely marbled fat. MUFAs are found in nuts and olive oil. Eating meats high in these fatty acids is proven to make you healthier than lean meats.

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