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Android launches new privacy protection system that limits ad tracking

Google recently announced that Android devices will soon have a Privacy Sandbox feature. It aims to provide users with new and improved privacy protection by reducing the amount of user data shared with third-party companies for advertising purposes. The move comes after Apple’s decision last year to require installed apps to first ask users for permission before they can start tracking their daily activities while using different apps and browsing websites. Naturally, some companies were against this, including social media giant Facebook, because they earn billions in annual revenue from advertising alone.

As for Android’s next privacy sandbox, Google has yet to fully design, build, or test it. For now, Android devices will continue to use and support the current advertising platform, at least until the privacy sandbox is complete. However, initial design proposals have arrived, and developers can review them now and provide feedback. By the end of 2022, a developer beta preview will be available.

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, didn’t seem to mind the news:

Google also said it does not intend to give preferential treatment to any of its products or websites and invites regulators to comment on the news. Apart from this, the multinational tech giant is also planning to develop technology that can minimize the collection of secret data as much as possible.