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Cimarron Hills Fire Department gets new ‘public protection classification’ rating, which means lower property insurance premiums for many people

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) – The Cimarron Hills Fire Department has earned a “Class 2 Public Protective Rating” rating from the Bureau of Insurance Services, which means many homeowners and businesses in their protection district will see their home insurance premiums reduced.

The ministry announced the new classification to the public on Monday. The change is effective July 1.

“Cimarron Hills joins the top 5% of agencies nationwide with a PPC of 2 or greater, validating that fire protection, water service, and communications are among the best for the citizens we serve,” reads a press release from the department. . “This is a tremendous achievement as we celebrate 50 years of service to the citizens and business owners of Cimarron Hills.

After July 1, homeowners in the district should contact their insurance companies to ensure they have the updated “PPC rating” on file to take advantage of lower premiums.

“We would like to thank the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center and the Metropolitan District of Cherokee Water for their contributions to obtaining our updated public protection classification and ensuring a high level of continued high level of fire service for the citizens of Cimarron Hills,” the press release added.

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