Every success story always works on a pre-decided planned path. This mapping and plotting require time and effort, but it binds all blocks together to create a clear road ahead. This is what a content calendar does for a smart social marketing person. A social media content calendar as a strategy helps to build and maintain credible, consistent, and healthy social media activities for the brand. 

The Need Of A Social Media Content Calendar

No matter how underrated the poor calendar is, the benefits of creating one for your social media strategy are magnificent. It just makes your upcoming tasks and processes more manageable and organized.

  • It’s A Great Time Saver

Who doesn’t want some extra time in the limited 24-hour schedule? However, it sounds next to impossible to save a few minutes when you are a social media marketing professional. Curating an effective strategy and moving towards it requires effort, dedication, and an eye for details. However, something is there that can make the clock stop for a while, yes, the content calendar.

A social media content calendar helps you stay functional and on point. It gives you the benefit of planning the road ahead, and staying away from multi-tasking. This way, you not only save time, but you also eliminate those nervous breakdowns.

Once you plan everything beforehand, you do not need to brainstorm again for new ideas. You jot down all your creative ideas you have at hand and create a blueprint for the rest of the period. Specific tools are present in the market that help you manage your post schedules. One of these must-try tools is Hootsuite.

  • Consistency Is The Key

No matter how effective your content is, if you post materials after long stretches of time, you will definitely lose your audience. The key is to stay consistent with your work. This way, you make your audience habitual of your feeds and make them wanting for more. Not only this, but consistency also attracts new eyeballs towards your handle. A content calendar, in this case, helps you plan and schedule a number of tasks ahead. You decide the content, time and date for your post, and you don’t lose any chance to shine in between.

  • Eliminate Moments Of Err

Mistakes do happen in great ventures, but when you have the right plan in your hand, you eliminate the chances of huge errors. Once you plan your things right, you proofread your work and give it your best. It helps build a flawless plan that makes your posting tasks effortless and smooth.

  • Nothing To Miss

We often forget the most crucial things in a hurry, don’t we? The chances of being forgetful decrease by cent per cent when you have planned beforehand. A content calendar helps you put the essential things in your post so that you don’t miss out on anything important. This way, not only do you maintain the content numbers and attract the audience, but you also guarantee quality to your posts. No matter what type of content you work on, you won’t miss out the most appealing ideas that strike your mind.

Tips To Create The Best Social Media Content Calendar

Just creating a random calendar won’t work for you. An effective calendar requires some golden tips to be followed. Create the best of a social media content calendar following the tips below.

  • Do Some Self Inspection

You can’t randomly plan anything for your handle. When you have finally sat down with your cup of coffee, you would definitely want to think of something new or something that your page really needs. Do you need to revamp your page? Has the colour combination on your page lost its spark? Well, all these questions can be solved only when you do some self-inspection work. To plan out the best things ahead, look back and see what you really need in the future. Bonus? It pulls up your ROI polls and ensures the best of quality content.

  • Make Selections Wisely

In the present day world that’s jam packed with a number of social media platforms, choosing the right ones for your business can be a tough call. This takes a lot of concentrated research work. You need to know what your content type is and where your audience is these days. Probably the group of gems is on Instagram, while you have been posting your content on other sites. Make sure you are tuned with the user demographics of these social media platforms before getting started.

  • Decide The Data

This is pretty simple to understand. Once you have decided the appropriate platforms, your next step should be to choose the actual data. Do you need to make this calendar on a basic spreadsheet? Or do you need a PPT to lock all the future plans for your team? 

Moreover, no matter what type of content you want to post, your calendar must have some crucial details. The must-haves include the date, time, platform, copy, illustrations, link to published posts and assets.

  • A Content Database Is What You Need

A content database or library is a handy asset that contains the valuable treasures of your future plans. It is spacious, can be shared to the team quickly, and is mobile and laptop friendly. It must provide links to individual files. This way, you can easily add or delete them from your calendar.

  • Get Started

Once you have all the blocks ready, its time to join them. You must decide the consistency, quality and quantity of your content. Decide whether you want to build up a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly planner. Whatever the case is, keep an eye on details.

  • Be Creative

It’s time to put your ideas on paper (or on excel sheets). When you start thinking of posts, think of the most relevant ones that would instantly attract your audience. Moreover, once you finish plotting all the content ideas, check the flow of your planned posts. Do they form a rhythm? Make sure no post contradicts the other, or else you may sound “not-so-credible”.

  • Call Others For Approval

Humans have a tendency to miss out on details. However, we are always able to find faults in other’s work. Make use of this fact and ask you trusted peers or seniors to go through your plan. Seek approvals and constructive criticism. Work on the things that need some corrections.

  • Kickstart Posting Or Scheduling

Wait no more when everything is done. Its time to flood your page with some of the most amazing creative ideas. Schedule all these tiny pieces of creativity. Start posting them, one by one, as scheduled.

Graccey Leio is a self-professed security specialist; she has been manufacture the people aware of the security threats. Her obsession is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, societal engineering, internet and new media. She writes for McAfee security products at mcafee.com/activate.

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