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DVIDS – News – Courtesy translation: Hessian state government amends coronavirus protection ordinance

Press release of the Land of Hesse government of February 05, 2022
Courtesy translation: Nadine Bower, Public Affairs Specialist

Land government of Hesse amends Corona protection ordinance

Minister President Bouffier: “We are providing relief in trade and events – the protection of citizens remains our top priority”.

The state government of Hesse has decided to change the coronavirus protection ordinance. These relate in particular to the end of 2G regulations in the entire retail trade as well as new requirements for large events, to which more spectators will again be able to be admitted. “We are thus allowing more freedom, while protecting people with clear guidelines: in the future, an FFP2 mask must be worn when shopping. And during major events, the 2G Plus rule will continue to apply”, declared Minister President Volker Bouffier. The regulations will come into effect on Monday, February 7.

For more readability and acceptance of measurements

Bouffier had already made a statement to the Hessian state parliament on Wednesday and stressed that there had been no satisfactory solution for these two areas at the last conference of minister-presidents. “I am therefore delighted that the federated states have agreed on a uniform regulation for events. I am convinced that this improves the understanding and acceptance of the measures. With the new uniform rule for public events, we are improving also the situation within the industry and counter the existential concerns of many cultural workers and amateur and professional sports clubs, ”said the head of government.

Regulations for major events

At large outdoor events, up to 50% of the seats could be occupied in the future, but no more than 10,000 spectators or participants. Indoors, capacity utilization will be limited to a maximum of 30% and up to 4,000 visitors. Percentage limits apply indoors and outdoors from the 250th seat. This means that the first 250 seats can be fully occupied. “It is important so that even the smallest events have a perspective,” said the Minister President. Participation is still only possible for vaccinated and recovered people, the 2-G-Plus rule applies indoors from 10 participants and outdoors from 250 participants.

Retail regulations

In retail in Hesse, however, the 2G rule – as in several other German federal states – will be repealed. “It brings clarity,” the minister’s president said. “We no longer distinguish between basic needs and the rest of the retail business, but will treat these areas equally. This notably eliminates the need for time-consuming access controls. At the same time, we are strengthening customer protection make it compulsory to wear the FFP2 mask from the age of 16, in all shops in Hesse, including supermarkets, “explained the Minister-President. Bouffier stressed that the pandemic is not yet over. citizens remains the absolute priority. “The decisive criterion for us is always not to overload our health system. Currently, this is not the case in Hesse,” said the head of government.

Repeal of the hotspot regulation

The situation in the clinics is currently “manageable”. Therefore, the state government refrains from hotspot regulation, which was established when the delta variant was dominant. So far, the hotspot regulation has come into effect in all cities and districts with an incidence above 350. This is currently the case throughout Hesse.

The now predominant Omikron variant is much more contagious and the number of infections is correspondingly higher. At the same time, fewer infected people became ill so seriously that they would have to be treated in an intensive care unit. “That’s why we can repeal the hotspots regulation. This removes, for example, the obligation to wear a mask in pedestrian areas and the ban on alcohol consumption in crowded places,” said Bouffier. Prostitution sites are also likely to reopen with the 2G Plus rule, the collection of contact data and the concept of distancing and hygiene.

2G-Plus for interior locations statewide and regardless of incidence

At the same time, due to the high risk of infection, the 2G Plus rule for indoor spaces now applies statewide regardless of incidence. For events with more than 10 participants, in cinemas, in restaurants and in indoor sports, all guests, participants and spectators must comply with the 2G Plus rule. “We must continue to remain cautious and level-headed and carefully weigh our steps in order to hopefully gradually contain the pandemic and move closer to normality,” concluded the Hessian Prime Minister.

If the incidence of hospitalizations in Hesse exceeds the value of 9, or if 400 intensive care beds are occupied, the state government will discuss further measures so that the healthcare system is not overloaded. Currently, the incidence of hospitalizations in Hesse is 6.93. There are 216 occupied intensive care beds.

Finally, Minister President Volker Bouffier once again underlined the importance of vaccination: “Vaccination remains the best way to protect against severe forms.

The following rules apply from February 7 to March 6, 2022:

For public events, such as cultural and sporting events, the following applies regardless of the impact:

– Outside:
o Max. 10,000 participants/spectators
o Max. 50% capacity utilization from the 250th seat
o 2G for more than 10 participants/viewers
o 2G Plus for more than 250 participants/viewers
– Inside:
o Max. 4,000 participants/spectators
o Max. 30% capacity utilization from the 250th seat
o 2GPlus for more than 10 participants/viewers

– The 2G rule in retail will be repealed. Instead, the requirement to wear an FFP2 mask applies to all people over the age of 15 in all retail, including supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.

– For children and adolescents, the following applies as before: Children under the age of six do not have a mask obligation; up to 15 years old inclusive, the medical mask is compulsory; from 16 years old, the FFP2 mask is compulsory.

– Incidence dependent hot spot rules are removed. Instead, the definition of 2GPlus indoors applies nationwide, regardless of impact.

o for all events and cultural offers from 10 people (see above)
o in leisure facilities
o in castles, museums, galleries and places of memory
o in indoor sports facilities
o for tourist overnight stays and the use of collective equipment in overnight accommodation


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