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Elbit Systems wins contract for UAE’s A330MRTT self-protection suite

Elbit Systems announced today that its subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates, Elbit Systems Emirates Limited, received an award of approximately $ 53 million contract for the supply of direct infrared countermeasures (“DIRCM”) and airborne electronic warfare (“EW”) systems for the UAE Air Force’s Airbus A330 multirole transport aircraft. The contract will be executed over a period of five years.

As part of the contract, Elbit Systems Emirates will provide a multi-turret configuration of the J-MUSIC self-protection system as well as the company’s passive infrared-based airborne alerting system, providing high levels of protection and redundancy. . The company’s DIRCM systems have logged more than 350,000 operational flight hours to date and are installed on more than 25 types of aircraft. Society is witnessing an increasing demand for this type of self-protection capability in light of the growing threat that shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles face aircraft.

Elbit Systems considers the United Arab Emirates to be an important market and believes that this contract award further demonstrates the technological advantage and maturity of the solutions offered by the Company in this area.

J-MUSIC tamper

J-MUSIC incorporates advanced fiber laser technology with a high frame rate thermal camera and small high speed dynamic sealed mirror turret to provide the highest levels of DIRCM defense against a wide range of IR missile threats.

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The open architecture solution can also be integrated with various missile warning systems
(MWS) for the most comprehensive level of protection in the civil and military market. One of its many features is that the suite is fully automatic and self-contained, meaning that no crew involvement is required during an engagement.