Protection system

FCS to install the active shooter protection system

To schools in the town of Findlay Board of Education meeting on Monday night, the board voted to use an immediate active shooter notification system called SafeDefend in their schools.

SafeDefend utilizes multiple means of communication in the event of an active shooter situation and provides personnel with crisis management options and training, including but not limited to defensive force and first aid.

Each classroom and large common areas in the neighborhood will be equipped with a safe in the classrooms and activation modules for the hallways.

The system provides instant notification in multiple ways in the event of an active shooter or life-threatening crisis.

Once a staff member activates the device, an instant notification is sent to dispatch with a text message, email and voice alert on AP which is sent to all law enforcement officers. ‘order,
the firefighters and staff of this building, as well as the administration throughout the district.

The system identifies the exact location of the seizure to the school and the specific room where the system was activated.

SafeDefend is designed to protect students and staff by reducing law enforcement time, ensuring law enforcement, fire/ems and personnel have real-time crisis information up to when help arrives.

SafeDefend has been installed in over 300 schools in nine states and their team has trained over 20,000 teachers and staff on crisis management and active shooter response best practices.

“The safety and security of our staff and students is the top priority for schools in the City of Findlay,” said School Board Chairman Matt Cooper.

“We know that safety and security requires a layered approach and we will continue to be proactive in evaluating new and additional ways to increase the safety and security of staff and students.
The partnership and collaboration between FCS and the City of Findlay Police and Fire Department during the installation of SafeDefend will greatly increase our response capabilities while reducing response times in the event of a life-threatening crisis.

Findlay City Schools will be the first school district in Ohio to install the SafeDefend system.

Learn more about the system by watching the school board meeting below or by clicking here for company website.