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Get rid of the hassle, here’s how to remove password protection from a PDF file – quick guide

Yes, you can remove the password from a PDF file. And here is how to remove password from PDF file in simple steps on your laptop and Android phone.

A password-protected PDF file is a great way to protect confidential information while sharing it with others. You must have received document files from banks that are secured with a password, as these PDF files contain sensitive information. But these PDF files can be difficult to access quickly, especially if you need to ask someone for the password.

However, luckily, you can remove password from PDF files with just a few simple steps. You should note that in order to remove the password from a PDF file, you need to know the password first. Here is a quick guide to remove passwords from PDF files on laptop while using Adobe Acrobat or while using your Android phone. Let’s start.

How to Remove PDF Password on Laptop Using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Start by opening the PDF in Acrobat Pro software on your laptop or desktop, then choose Tools.
  2. Go to Encrypt and tap Remove Security.
  3. In case your document has a “Document Open” password, press OK to remove it.
  4. Otherwise, if you need permissions for your password file, you will need to provide the correct password in the box and continue by clicking OK.
  5. After that, the software will simply remove the password from the PDF document and you can easily access it without needing any password.

How to Remove PDF Password on Android Phone

Step 1:

If you are using your Android phone to remove PDF password, open the PDF file using the built-in PDF viewer.

2nd step:

It will ask you to enter the password, do it and unlock the file.

Step 3:

Once you have opened the file, tap on the menu icon and then navigate to the Share option. Click the Print icon.

Step 4:

After that, confirm the destination as “Print to PDF” to save the PDF file to a new location without password. Save it to your phone’s internal storage and access it anytime.