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Romania’s consumer protection agency fines 265 Lidl stores for selling expired food and other irregularities

The Romanian National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) has fined 265 Lidl stores totaling more than RON 3.5 million (around EUR 717,000) and closed some of them for several irregularities. For example, inspectors found stale food, insects on baked goods and inside cooking spaces, moldy fruits and vegetables, and other hygiene issues.

ANPC said on Wednesday, August 24, that its inspectors checked Lidl stores across the country in August and found several irregularities in 265 units. Thus, they imposed fines worth more than RON 3.5 million and issued 144 warnings. Additionally, they have temporarily closed 24 of the supermarkets.

ANPC inspectors also stopped the sale of non-compliant food products worth RON 75,000.

Lidl stores were found to have breached several food safety and hygiene regulations. For example, inspectors found food sold past its best-before date, dirty display cases and ovens used for baked goods, and even live insects in the preparation and cooking space, display cases dirty refrigerators with dusty and rusty shelves, moldy fruits and vegetables, or irregularities on the labels of various products.

In addition, in some stores, the ANPC found discrepancies between the value of the price on the label and that displayed on the product, as well as between the price on the shelf compared to the price at the checkout.

In response, Lidl Romania representatives stated that they had taken all measures to remedy these situations as soon as possible.

“The ANPC checks carried out this month, in unusually high numbers, targeted 85% of Lidl Romania stores. These actions made it possible to identify certain irregularities in certain network stores. We have taken all measures to remedy these situations as soon as possible,” said Lidl Romania, according to

Representatives of the retailer also said they were completely open to maintaining good relations with authorities and customers.

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