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The conflict between the Romanian consumer protection agency and Blue Air becomes radical

The conflict between the head of the Romanian Consumer Protection Agency (ANPC), Horia Constantinescu, and the airline Blue Air has radicalized after the former alleged that the lowcost was planning to close its activities, and that is why he avoids by all means to reimburse the money to passengers of canceled flights.

Among other things, Blue Air claimed that the ANPC had suggested an “amicable” solution which, in the words of the company, was more like a bribe – and announced its intention to file complaints. charges against those who carried out the investigations and decided on the fine, reported

ANPC chief Constantinescu says Blue Air is avoiding receiving documents related to the 2 million euro fine sent by the ANPC in an effort to save time “while it can cancel a few flights and collect money from customers,” according to He claims that Blue Air employees have also complained about not receiving their compensation.

The unusual attack came after the ANPC fined Blue Air 2 million euros last week for repeatedly canceling flights over the past year and alleged non-reimbursement of the money to customers.

Blue Air claims that most of the passengers who were part of the group with canceled flights (namely 107,674) had already been compensated “with a method of payment accepted by these passengers”, [most likely vouchers or similar]. By the end of 2022, another 30,000 were to be compensated.

“Until the expiry of the pre-insolvency procedure in July 2023, all passengers mentioned by the ANPC will be fully compensated,” explained Blue Air.

Going further, Blue Air says it has received more or less direct proposals, coming from the president of the ANPC, Horia Constantinescu, who informed that “the costs of the fine can be avoided, but we must find solutions for a minimum of 10-20% of the amount to cover the stress felt by the ANPC agents terrified by the complaints against Blue Air.

ANPC top manager Paul Silviu Anghel reportedly told Blue Air officials during official talks “what kind of expensive watches he likes”.

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