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Toilet protection system, toilet liner, now offered by Builders Site Protection

Bend, OR, June 09, 2022 — ( — Surface protection provider Builders Site Protection announced today that it is relaunching the innovative toilet liner – a temporary cover to prevent damage to facilities sanitary. This one-of-a-kind surface protection product helps keep bathroom fixtures clean and prevents internal damage to plumbing systems.

The toilet sheath is a printed transparent plastic cover that is placed on top of a toilet appliance. Attached to the base of a toilet fixture via a drawstring, the toilet liner can quickly attach around a fixture of any size and shape. Once in use, the toilet liner keeps fixtures clean and dust-free, prevents unauthorized use, and ensures no stray construction debris falls into a plumbing system. In addition to these benefits, it is also expected that the toilet liner will impress homeowners and potential buyers when seen on a job site.

The toilet liner is available in packs of 12 and cases of 50, providing options for small and large jobs. Additionally, the toilet liner is available with custom printing options – ideal for use by large home builders.

In addition to the toilet liner, Builders Site Protection offers many unique and effective products for surface protection and dust control. For more information on Builders Site Protection surface protection and dust control products, please call Steven Mullen-Ley at (866) 788-6886, email Steven at or visit the website at

Builders Site Protection is a feminine supplier of surface protection and dust control. President and CEO, Patricia Mullen, founded the company to manufacture environmentally friendly alternatives to the scarce selection of surface protection products available to the building trades. Builders Site Protection is a Certified Disadvantaged Business (WBE/DBE) committed to providing top quality surface protection products and unparalleled customer service. For more information visit their website at